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Project Development & Finance

Ascendant provides comprehensive program management services to infrastructure project developers and financial institutions in the United States and around the world, helping them integrate widely different professional disciplines into a unified, coherent, and synchronized team.


Our work on the Augustin Plains Ranch project demonstrates the value we provide. New Mexico, as most of the Western United States, has to cope with a growing population and an overextended and diminishing availability of water. This privately financed project will develop a new, sustainable, and abundant source of water and make it available to the Middle Rio Grande Valley, the state’s most densely populated area.


Ascendant was contracted to take over the management of this $600 million project at a time when it was facing severe legal challenges after being rejected by the Office of the State Engineer, the regulatory entity responsible for permitting water projects. Ascendant mobilized and led a multidisciplinary team of hydrologists, engineers, environmental scientists, financial analysts, lawyers, and communications experts. The team redesigned the project and introduced several sustainable features, including the use of renewable energy for all power requirements and rainwater reclamation technologies. This new design has been extremely well received by stakeholders, and endorsed by water users. Under Ascendant leadership, all project activities were privately financed through several financing rounds. 


For more information, please see or contact Michel Jichlinski

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