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Ascendant provides expert management solutions in support of aviation sector programs worldwide. We provide intelligent solutions to our public and private sector clients, helping them to fully assess the technical, economic, financial, and environmental viability of a proposed development program or transaction. Our clients include airport authorities and operators, investment banks, financing institutions, and global engineering firms. 


Our key service areas include:

  • Stakeholder Surveys and Engagement

  • Market Assessments

  • Strategic Planning

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Due Diligence Studies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Financial Analysis

  • Master Planning

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

  • Sustainable Financing


Ascendant’s experience in the aviation sector spans different regions of the world, including projects in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Eurasia. Recent experience in selected countries is highlighted below.


For more information, please contact Christina Avgerinos







In recent years, Brazil has experienced a dramatic expansion in the demand for air service. Ascendant has provided technical advisory services in support of public and private sector initiatives to expand the capacity of aviation infrastructure to serve this growing demand.


Brazil: Feasibility Study for a New International Airport in Ceará
The State of Ceara’s potential for economic growth is linked to its ability to develop and transport products that will be in demand from the local, regional, and even international markets. Understanding that the existing Pinto Martins International Airport will eventually be saturated, and in the meantime the airport faces important restrictions on some long haul international passenger and cargo operations, the State of Ceará will need to develop new airport infrastructure to serve growing demand. This study involved an evaluation of the technical, financial, economic, and environmental feasibility of the implementation of a new airport in the State of Ceará, based on market opportunities. The consultant team provided ADECE with a framework and key information required for the site selection process and further planning and environmental studies. This study also provided important information regarding the financial viability of the project, the potential for private sector participation, and timing for the construction of a new airport. Ascendant provided overall project management and coordination support to the prime contractor in the execution of all study tasks.


Brazil: Air Traffic Forecasting for the Concession of the Galeão and Confins International Airports
In response to the sharp rises in air traffic demand, coupled with plans for the country to host the World Cup games in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016, the Government of Brazil outlined several projects to be developed as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in the aviation sector, including the concession of the Rio de Janeiro / Galeão – Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport and the Confins International Airport in Belo Horizonte. As part of this process, Ascendant developed a detailed air traffic forecast model and forecast study reports for the two airports on a fast-track basis. Ascendant analyzed historic air traffic trends and market conditions, including demographic and socio-economic trends, and prepared annual, monthly, and peak hour forecasts of passenger and aircraft activity for each airport through 2043. 


The Greek government, understanding the central role that the tourism sector will play in Greece’s economic revival, is looking to significantly increase investment in tourism-related infrastructure and particularly in the airport sector. Accordingly, the government launched two public-private partnership projects: the privatization of 14 regional airports and the development of the New Heraklion International Airport in Crete. Ascendant provided technical advisory support to private sector consortiums pursuing each of these transactions. 


Greece: Traffic Forecasting Services for the Privatization of Regional Airports

In 2013, the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund launched a process for the privatization for the portfolio of Greek Regional airports. The privatization will grant the rights of use, administration, development, expansion, maintenance, and exploitation of 14 of the 21 regional airports in Greece. For optimal reorganization, the airports were organized into Clusters A and B with seven airports each.

In support of a private consortium’s bid for this tender, Ascendant developed air traffic forecasts on a fast-track basis for the seven airports included in Cluster B, namely the key tourism destinations of Rhodes, Kos, Mykonos, Santorini, Samos, Mytillini, and Skiathos. Detailed air traffic projections were prepared for a 40-year horizon under three traffic scenarios and included a projection of annual passengers, cargo, aircraft movements, fleet mix, and peak hour activity.


Greece: New Heraklion International Airport in Crete

Ascendant provided air traffic forecasting and project management support to a consortium pursuing the concession of a new international airport to be developed in Kastelli, Crete that will replace the existing airport in Heraklion. The technical advisory program involved the preparation of a functional and technical program for the development of the new airport and access roads in accordance with the parameters outlined in the tender documents issued by the Government of Greece for this PPP project.


Ascendant staff was responsible for the management of the finalization of master plans and concept designs for the project, as well as updates to the technical offer in response to changes in key parameters of the bid documents. Ascendant staff was also responsible for the update of a traffic forecast model to project annual, peak hour, and peak day aviation activity for the 35-year concession period and a detailed Traffic Study Report.


Manas International Airport Business Plan

The United States Trade and Development Agency contracted Ascendant to provide technical assistance in developing a business plan for the Manas International Airport, the principal gateway to Kyrgyzstan, serving the capital city of Bishkek. The objective of this project was to develop strategies for promoting the Airport’s growth in passenger and cargo traffic and evaluate opportunities for the development of a regional hub.  


In consultation with Kyrgyz officials and airport stakeholders, the consultant team carried out a market assessment and an analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) to identify opportunities for future development of aeronautical and non-aeronautical activities at the Airport. During the second phase of the project, recommendations for the airport’s business plan were developed and an implementation plan for those recommended actions was provided. 


Strategic Planning for Portland International Jetport

Ascendant Program Services was subcontracted to provide support in the development of a Strategic Plan for the Portland International Jetport. Ascendant’s responsibilities included the evaluation of priority strategic planning needs including Air Service Development, Customer Service, Airport Benchmarking and Performance Measurement, and the identification of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) that were used to help craft the Airport’s mission and vision statement going forward. Ascendant designed, implemented, and analyzed online passenger, tenant, and employee surveys, and helped to organize five interactive workshop sessions with airport staff to develop the strategic plan in a collaborative and participatory framework. 


Traffic Forecast for the Çukurova Regional Airport 

In response to the sharp rises in air traffic demand, the Government of Turkey initiated efforts to upgrade its international and regional airports. The Ministry of Transport outlined several potential BOT projects to be developed in the aviation sector, including the Çukurova Regional Airport to serve the provinces of Adana and Mersin in the southern central region of Turkey. The new airport, to be developed on a PPP basis, is to be located between the cities of Adana and Mersin and in its first phase of development is planned to have one runway, 3,500 meters long and 60 meters wide with a parallel taxiway of equal length. Ascendant provided a private consortium interested in bidding on the opportunity with an independent forecast of future air traffic activity through 2040. In addition to carrying out site visits and stakeholder interviews in Adana and Mersin, this assignment also included an analysis of market trends and conditions, demographic, socio-economic, and tourism industry trends, and the preparation of a tailored forecasting model and report.

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